climate, environment


A new political climate has grown in many countries around the world, thanks to the strong base in science and widening public awareness of climate change and its risks. Clean energy revolution has been taking place all over the developed countries, underscored by the steady expansion of the renewable energy sector. The adoption of Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs) constituted a win-win situation, as renewable is not only green and job-generating, but also sustainable with a higher environmental benefit. Renewable fuels such as wind, solar, biomass, tides, and geothermal are inexhaustible, indigenous and are often free as a resource. They just need to be captured efficiently and transformed into electricity, hydrogen or clean transportation fuels. The renewable energy sources have hardly any carbon footprint and are environment-friendly and do not require environmentally-damaging mining and transport. The paper highlights various sources of clean energy in the context of sustainable economic, environmental, and social development besides focusing on the importance of renewable energy in the modern world.