Pollution, india


Environmental pollution is a severe issue in both developed and developing countries. Pollution is defined undesirable state of natural environment being contaminated with harmful substances as a consequence of human activities. There is clear relationship between the growth manmade green house gas emissions and observed environmental climate change are claimed by policymakers. The most important causes of air pollution are human economic activities such as use of vehicles and industrial operations mainly in Chennai city. Air pollution is various types such as noise, water, air. It causes damages that are normally inflicted in society at large rather than on those directly responsible. In several city air is already polluted that it has been causing illness and deaths among elderly people and children. The high pollution density has placed great strain on available infrastructure and major problem for environmental in major cities of Tamil Nadu. It is recognized that climate change due to global warming going to important threat safety of millions of people not only living near coastline but also impacts on changing cyclones. The aim of the study focuses on objectives to environment in Chennai city to estimate the problems of air pollution environment in Challenge in Chennai city and suggest health cost of vehicular pollution and to suggest the Government measure to control air pollution in environment Chennai city.