Silkworm pupae meal, Alloxan, Hb, RBC, WBC, Ht, etc.


This paper presents a brief overview on the entry of alloxan into foods and its fatal link to blood parameter in carp. The management of silkworm pupae meal diet induced Alloxan blood parameter in carp. Five series of experiments were conducted to investigate the induced alloxan on blood parameter studied In the 8th series of experiments, utilization of Silkworm pupae meal diets on the reduction of alloxan toxicity on blood parameter, were estimated. The increase in the levels of alloxan decreases the Hb and RBC level where as WBC, Esr and Ht increases during the exposure period. Then treatment with silkworm pupae meal diet there an opposite trend was obtained. The administration of silkworm pupae meal might be beneficial for the restoration of hematological parameters, in the present study have revealed that incorporate silkworm pupae meal diet reduced the blood nonfunctional plasma enzymes and liver function parameters in Alloxan induced hyperglycemia in common carp. On the other hand Alloxan-induced diabetes could increase the liver enzyme levels. The increase in these enzymes may occur due to peroxidation reactions, arising from Alloxan biotransformation during diabetes and these reactions may inflict oxidative injury to cellular components. Our data shows that the silkworm is a good edible resource of natural Silkworm pupae meal diet with hypoglycemic activity which retards the ill effect of alloxan induced hyperglycemia.