Climate and Environment, Economic Impact, Economic Forecasting, Stern Review, Developing Economy, Uncertainty and Climate Models, Agricultural Market Sector


Climate Change reveals the multi dimensional spheres of economic impact on the developing economy. The inherent nature of economic forecasting involves significant degrees of uncertainty, estimates of the results of global warming have varied widely. However, climate change impacts can be measured as an economic cost. This is particularly well-suited to market impacts, that is impacts that are linked to market transactions and directly affect Gross Domestic Product. Monetary measures of non-market impacts, like impacts on human health and ecosystems, are more difficult to calculate. Therefore protecting the forests, wildlife, climate, natural wealthandtheenvironmentarenowamatter of life and death for this world. Talented, imaginativeandcommittedyoungprofessional are needed more than ever to create a future where people can live in harmony with nature. Show that professionals are concerned and contribute their share to safe guard the climate andenvironment.Hence,themainobjectiveof this research paper is to study the theoretical aspects of the effects of climate change on humans, industry, economy and society.