Hospital Waste, Contingent Valuation Method, Willingness to Pay


Bio- Medical Wastes have become one of the most widespread and important environmental and public health issues and present day concern throughout the globe and as such, the problem has been recognized as one of the important issues towards abatement of pollution in the country along with the rest of the world. The main thrust of the present study is to evaluate the willingness to pay with specific reference to solid waste management in Hospitals. The study has analyzed three hospitals in the Chennai area, in Tamil Nadu. The main method of disposal of hazardous wastes is through incineration and this has been studied with regard to the Government and Private Sectors through the selected hospitals, by way of life expectancy of equipment probable use per day/per kg, cost of operationperday/kgandultimatelytheWTP by those availing of these facilities have all been carefully researched.