Air pollutant, Human health, Environment


Air pollution stems gases and air borne particles which, in excess, are harmful to human health, buildings and ecosystems. Air pollutionindevelopingcountriesisderivednot only from stack emission of pollutants from relatively large industries, where inadequate pollution control measures exist and pollutants are allowed to escape to atmosphere. The kind of air pollution emitted vary from industry vary from industry to another, the concentrations of different pollutants in the atmosphere also vary widely from process to process, and from place to place with different geographic and climatic conditions.. In general, the workplace exposure levels are much higher than that the general population, because the emissions are rapidly diluted and dispersed by the wind. But the exposure duration of the general population is much longer than that of workers. Air pollution is the presence of substances in air in sufficient concentration and for sufficient time, so as to be, or threaten to be injurious to human, plant or animal life, or to property, or which reasonably interferes with the comfortable enjoyment of life and property. Air pollutants arise from both manmade and natural processes. Air pollutants arise from both manmade and natural processes. Air pollution has been considered as the one of types of pollution which causes different disease in various labourers in Chidambaram Block and this leads to increase the expenditure of sample respondents on their health care. In this context the researcher taken this title.