Municipal Solid Waste Management, Solid Waste Management in Thiruvallur, Effectiveness of Solid Waste Management in Tamilnadu


The study is aimed to identify the effectiveness of solid waste management in Tamil Nadu with special reference to Thiruvallur District. “In recent times, the continuous increase of solid waste is a serious problem with the urban and rural areas. The rapid growth of population and increasing per-capita income has resulted in the generation of enormous solid waste posing a serious threat to environmental quality and human health. Improper disposal of waste often results in spread of diseases and contamination of water bodies and soils. The impacts on these wastes on the economy cannot be ignored and managing them has become a major problem. Municipal solid waste management continues to be a major challenge to local governments in both urban and rural areas across the world, and one of the key issues is their financial constraints”. [9] “In Tamil Nadu there are 12 Corporations, 124 Municipalities and 528 Town Panchayats. In total the solid waste generation is 14,600 Tons per day. The Greater Chennai Corporation generates 5000 TPD, 11 Corporation and all Municipalities generate about 7600 TPD and all the town panchayat generates 2000 TPD. The board is advocating the concept of waste segregation at source, waste reduction, recycle and reuse to avoid any environmental issues during handling”.