environment, global warming


The natural resources like earth, wind, water, trees are the basis of human-life. For the bright future of human beings, it is essential to use these resources with a great care. ‘Environment’ means the physical, chemical and biological surroundings in which an organism exists. Thus, environment is the gift of nature. Prior to 20th century, there was no major evidence of human influence on environment. Environmental degradation up to this period was mainly due to natural disasters, like cyclone, earthquake etc. Up to that period; natural resources were not used beyond their regenerative capacities. So, what was used, was regenerated. But, after the population explosion in the world, the situation started changing. Gradually, this led to serious environmental degradation behind which, the need and greed of human kind is responsible. Ever increasing pollution, demolition of forests and bio-diversity, increase in global warming, etc. have alarmed us for awareness of environmental protection. Worldwide environmental awareness was started during the 1960s. The main impetus came from the publication of a book ‘Silent Spring’ by Rachel Carson in 1962. This book revealed the risk of using some pesticides and their bad effects on human life and thereby showed the necessity for the protection of earth. The world summit held at Rio-de-Janero in 1992, had focused the attention towards environmental problems. The economists also started looking afresh tothecentraleconomicproblemofresource scarcity in relation to their possible uses. After 1970, many economists started arguing that development can be made sustainable only with efficient and judicious use of natural resources. In this paper, we have described various factors responsible for environmental hazards and we have also suggested our duties regarding the protection of the earth.