Environmental Pollution, Air Pollution and Pollutants


Air is the necessary for the very existence of human beings, animals and plants that appeared on the earth. However, due to the rapid growth of population and technology the air was polluted day by day. In 2011, India’s Central Pollution Control Board had presented the report according to which 180 cities in India had particulate matter six times more than the permissible limit set by the World Health Organization in the air. Vehicles, biomass burning, fuel tarnishing are few of the major causes of air pollution in India. The problem of air pollution is so big that we cannot manage to pay for overlook it. As such it has to be handled with a high degree of care. This paper focuses on causes, effects of air pollutions in India and steps to solve the problems and policy measures to ensure reduce air pollution to the entire resident of earth. This study mainly descriptive in nature and secondary data are used for the purpose of the study. The data was collected from books, various articles, journals and websites.