Organisational Citizeship Behaviour, Telecom Sector, Demographic


Organizational Citizenship behavior is a person’s voluntary commitment within an organization which is not part of the contractual tasks. Various studies suggested that engaging in OCB can enrich the work lives of employees. The Current Paper aimed to study five dimensions of Organizational Citizenship Behavior of employees in Telecom industry. For the study a sample size of 500 employees who are working in Telecom sector was selected using Snowball Sampling Technique in the areas of Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali. The scale used for the purpose of measuring the responses of the employees for Organizational Citizenship Behavior is the one developed by Podsakoff, Mckenzie, Moorman and Fetter in 1990. The scale has five measures named as (1) Altruism (2) Sportsmanship (3) Conscientiousness (4) Courtesy (5)Civic virtue.The result showed the relationship of Organizational Citizenship Behavior With Demographic Variables In The Telecom Industry.