Corporate governance, Accounting Information Disclosure, BankingSector, Nigeria


The study examine the effect of corporate governance on the quality of accounting information disclosed in Nigerian banks. The study covers banks that are quoted in the Nigeria Stock Exchange. Data were collected from secondary sources using the annual reports and factbook of selected banks during the period of 2006-2015. Data collected were analyzed using statistical tools; unit root, co-integration and error correction model. The corporate governance indices used in the study include; Audit committee meeting (ACM), Audit committee qualification (ACQ), Board size (BS), Directors in audit committee (DAC), Ownership structure (OS) and Corporate board members (CBM). The study revealed that ACM, ACQ, BS, DAC and OS had a significant positive relationship with accounting information disclosure at 1% and 5% level of significance respectively, while it was discovered that CBM had a negative relationship but was insignificant. It is concluded from the findings of the study that corporate governance contributes to the quality of accounting information disclosed in the banking sector.