Private university, Bangladesh, education, service, quality, satisfaction, perception


The higher education sector of Bangladesh is divided as private and public sectors in terms of the initiative of establishment. All of them are autonomous where the public universities are owned by the government and the private universities have been developed by the private sector. As the private universities produce services and sell it to the students by a comprehensive marketing effort, we can treat their services as a part of marketing. In this study, we tried to show the quality of services and the subsequent perception and satisfaction level of the stake holders regarding services are being provided by the private universities along with some recommendations to improve their service quality. For primary data, we interviewed 500 students and their guardians, teachers and staffs of private universities and also some famous educationists of Bangladesh though out Dhaka city through the cluster sampling of probability method; and we also used much enriched secondary sources of data. As our targeted readers are the mass people of the country,