Orchard, rejuvenation, organic, inorganic, biofertilizer, yield, quality


Day by day newer technologies are under implementation and become popular among the orchardists. Decades ago orchard establishment was made by varying spacing and different source of planting materials of either sexual or asexual methods. Due tothedifferenceinsourceofplanting material and short of application of nutrient of orchards leads to the senile or less productive. Poor management practices also brings orchards to the uneconomical zone. Overcrowding and encroachment of trees resulted in competition for nutrient absorption congestion, poor light penetration and act as good shelter house for insect- pests and disease attacks are obvious problems with older orchards, if trees are not rejuvenated. Timely rejuvenation is wise decision by orchardists which is necessary for the grower to make orchard productive. This must be followed by the balanced application of nutrients of either source. An application of organic, inorganic source of nutrients and bio fertilizers gave optimum growth, more flowering and yield with improved quality parameters like size, average weight of fruit, TSS and ascorbic acid etc. Integrated and balanced nutrient management leads to increasing the efficiency of all nutrients applied thus, decreasing the amounts of fertilizers used and finally obtaining a high yield with quality.