Humanresources, womenempowerment, employment opportunities, economic development


The notion that workers could be seen as a potential asset was subsequently in use during the 1910s and 1920s and was termed “human resource”.Human resources play an important part in developing and making a country. Women educationandparticipationisvitalfor economic development because it can directly influence on entrepreneurship, productivity growth and then increases employment opportunities and women empowerment. The paperthrows light on the gloomy scenario of under utilization of women work power in the Purba Khairbari village (J.L.No. 36), Madarihat Block of Alipurduar District, West Bengal. It also shows the positive correlation between education and employment of women. However, certain corrective measures are also suggested to improve upon the present scenario. The nearby cities and towns have not acted as proper growth poles encouraging human resource management in the study area. The socio cultural and infrastructural background also does not provide am impetus for changing the scenario.Social and cultural awarenesscan create a large and growing women labour force, which is expected to deliver spin-offs in terms of growth and prosperity in the region through a number of routes.