Migration, Diaspora, economy, development


Migration has been a common phenomenon since a long time. Movement of people across borders and thus, movement of ideas, new skills and technical know-how result in the benefits not only for the receiving countries but also for the sending countries. In this regard, it is very important to consider the role of Diaspora communities for the receiving countries and our study focuses on the role of Indian Diaspora communities residing in other foreign lands and will analyze their roles in enhancing the working of different sectors of the economy in which they live. The study further illuminates the contribution of the Indian Diaspora to their native land i.e., India. There is no denial to the fact that Indian Diaspora has been contributing towards the development of the Indian economy in being the major source of Foreign Direct Investment, in transferring technology and technical know- how, substantial flow of knowledge, contributing towards tourism, charity activities, in establishing NGOs to work towards the betterment of the society and fighting social evils existing. The othersideofthisphenomenonisthe contribution of Indian Diaspora to the receiving countries, basically, to those countries in which they live. These communities bring in their skills for the utilization of the available resources, put on their knowledge and add onto the set of technical know- how, providing new demand to the consumer market, providing to the employment opportunities and also adding to the production level of the economy. So this paper reveals the positive aspect of the existing of Indian Diasporaforforeigncountries,relating their advantages to Indian Territory also.