Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Dynamic, Technological, IT Industry, Entrepreneurial Capabilities, India


Entrepreneurship acts as a pillar for the economic prosperity of a nation as it leads to generation of employment contribution in national income, rural development, industrialization, technological development, export promotion etc. Technological Entrepreneurship (TE) is an important way to commercialize technological innovations and offers unique development opportunities for societies to educate and grow. Technology development and entrepreneurial capabilities spirit fuels growth of the nation. Dynamicentrepreneurialcapabilityis to examine how a small entrepreneurial firm can achieve successful product innovation and technology change by substituting the traditional drivers for innovation, such as patenting capabilities, in-house research and development and expert human capital with a new type of higher order capabilities, peculiar to entrepreneurial and small and medium-sized enterprises settings, which we state as dynamic entrepreneurial capabilities. The dynamic entrepreneurial capabilities of Indian IT industry has built valuable brand equity for itself in the global markets. The IT industry achieved a major breakthrough in the 1990s and is now one of the important industries of India. Its vast reservoir of dynamic technological entrepreneurial capabilities transformed India into a super power. The main purpose of this paper is to study about Technological Entrepreneurship in India and dynamic entrepreneurial capabilities in Indian IT industry.