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The emergence of women entrepreneurs and their contribution to our economy is very significant in India. There is a constant rise in the number of women entrepreneurs since 1990’s.The current generation of women –owned enterprises are actively seeking capital for developing their business and is also using modern technology to create a mark in the domestic and international markets. It is important to note the participation of women in economic activities as self employed individuals. The new generation women entrepreneurs are not only generating employment for themselves in the organised and unorganised sector but they are also providing employment opportunities to others .A very important point to be noted is to give due recognition to women for the contribution they have made in the various social ,economic ,political as well as cultural activities. In the past few years women entrepreneurs have contributed significantly in the development and progress of our country due to urbanization along with education and awareness. However women face many constraints in their lives as they do not get full support from their family and are not treated as equals which in turn restricts her freedom to prove her potential . They have to go a long way to achieve equal rights as our Indian society is male dominated and these traditions are deep rooted .To break this tradition ,women have to be assertive and will have to take bold decisions and also should be willing to take risk to succeed in this world of cut throat competition. It is to be noted that the economic status of women is now accepted as an indicator which shows that the society has developed.