Organic farming, fruits, quality, yield, control


India is the second largest producer of fruits in the world. With the increasing population, the cultivable land resource is shrinking day to day. Green Revolution in the post- independence era has shown path to developing countries for self- sufficiency in food but sustaining agricultural production against the finite natural resource base demands has shifted from the “resource degrading” chemical agriculture to a “resource protective” biological or organic farming. The major component of organic farming is: manures, green manures, intercropping, mulching, vermiculture biotechnology, bio fertilizers, biodynamic farming, bio control etc. Application of bio-fertilizer was more effective than organic manures in enhancing fruit growth parameters. When bio-fertilizer was grouped together in Red Fleshed guava and banana cv. grand nine, P-solubilizers were found to have more beneficial influence on fruit physico- chemical characteristics than that of N-fixers.