working women, India, occupational hazards, health


Working women perform dual jobs, that is, on the domestic front as well as economic front. Her additional role as a working women throws many challenges along with her primary challenge of the household. Both these roles make demands on her time and energy. After a full day’s work with the employer, she has to do another shift at her home. For example, waking up early morning, rolling the beds, cleaning the house, preparing breakfast, cooking lunch, washing clothes, and the rushing off to the workplace. Returning in the evening with shopping in hand to cook the dinner for the family, handling children study work, washing utensils, and finally collapsing into the bed only to begin the grind again early next morning. These effects their health in the absence of proper infrastructure for the supply of these needs. When they have to combine triple burden viz., bearing children, taking for of the family, they have to sacrifice nutrition, health care and leisure for themselves. Notwithstanding, the mechanization at home and office put the gender at a great health risk that ultimately affect reproductive role leaving more at the mercy of assisted pregnancy and child birth. This is the serious problem for mankind itself.