Global Economics, Consumer Behavior, Branded Jewellery, Purchase Decision Making Behavior, Gold Jewels, Jewellery Markets and Expectation of Returns


Society is diversified in all aspects. We see this among consumers, marketers, producers and even among consumer behavior from theoretical aspects. A decade has elapsed since the onset of the millennium and there have been many changes occurring across global economics which has had its repercussions on the Indian economy. Since the time of the liberalization of our economy Indian market has been greatly influenced by the global economy and global markets. From prehistoric times people all over the world have exposed special interest in gold jewels either for ownership or prestige or status. Passion for jewels is renowned. It is reflected in numerous customary occasions where it is not only measured promising but mandatory to gift Jewels crafted in gold. The bride’s trousseau is incomplete without the gold Jewels. It is evident that people demand for gold even though the pricesarehigh,expectingforthefuture increase. This is due to the expectation of more returns at the time of resale. This research study helps to comprehend the preferences of women towards gold Jewels; awareness about branded jewellery; and which factor mainly influenced the women to buy gold Jewels. This study also helps jewellery marketers to explore the strategies to be adopted for uplifting the market to plan for launching new brands and suggests ways to stay in touch with customers. Therefore this research paper give more importance to study the knowledge, awareness, attitude and purchasing decision making behaviour among women towards Gold Jewellery in Vellore City.