Covid-19, Public Health, India


Today Indian health care system is in pathetic condition, its needs radical reforms to deal with new emerging challenges and issues. COVID-19 is spreading really fast around the world. The Indian government facing the problem of lack of resources and infrastructure facilities, there are insufficient number of beds, rooms, ventilators and medicines. Public health is the practice of preventing disease and promoting good health within groups of people, from small communities to entire countries. The countries concentration has been focused on the crucial need for a strong public health infrastructure to protect community health. The current study describes the situation of the outbreakofthispandemicinIndia.The studyalsodiscussestheavailabilityof public health infrastructure facilities in virus infected peoples. Public health organizations at the federal, state, tribal, local are taking steps to increase effectiveness and efficiency through its National Public Health Improvement Initiative (NPHLL), the centers for disease control and prevention supports improvements in 74 state, local and territorial health departments systems, practices, and essential services. COVID pandemic has considerably undermined the accessibility and availability of essential health services. A good health infrastructure also guarantees a country of strong and healthy way to living as well as happy life.