Economic Performance Of Shgs In Dharwad And Belgaum Districts Of North Karnataka In India - A Perspective Of Microfinance


Microfinance, SHGs, Economic Performance, monetary benefits, growth and development


Microfinance has become one of the powerful tool to strengthen the economy by empowering third tier group and helps to uplift the group belongs to chronic and below poverty line, specifically Microfinance through the SHGs turns the accountable group of women’s towards monetary productivity as well as reasoned contributing in economic development by addition of their part in Per capita Income and Gross Domestic Product of Indian scale. After 1990s, Self Help Groups empower the women through different dimensions in varied sectors such as agriculture, farming, fisheries, horticulture, dairying, handicraft, tailoring, fashion and designing, small businesses and other entrepreneurial innovative activities can be recognized in financial inclusion of microfinance and SHGs. The bank linkage programmes positively enhanced the rural population in India. The training and development made tremendous contribution in appraisal of rural economy. The SHGs and microfinance via bank linkage programmes interconnected the rural and urban economy in the country. The present work is focus on monetary analysis and economic performance of Self Help Group members in Dharwad District and Belgaum Districts, the study has been conducted by taking the sample size of 316 in each districts. It is a quantitative research based on the datacollectedfromthesamplesandto accelerate the financial benefits availed by the beneficiaries in the different time period with distinguish purpose and for economic activities. After 1990s to till 2020s there is a major changes has been taken place in this regard to promote economy and promotion of standard of living in the below poverty benchmark of the nation.

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