Globalization, Internationalization, business, global markets, economic integration


The contemporary generous, capitalistic and economic action becomes a conglomerate of things and reasons, analysis, information, means, mediums, skills and predispositions. In terms of minimized barriers and openness of the world, the inevitable process of the globalization and thus the business actions represent projects that face success potentials, also as risk and failure potentials. The indisputable accent on these aspects is certainly and thus success and therefore the reliabilityofthebusinessventuresthat the last word goal is that the economic satisfaction, minimizing the risks as well because the establishment of long-term experiences so as to take care of a specific enterprise during a particular environment. The participation on the world’s global markets, the internationalization and therefore the transfer of the business activities on all geographic meridians, encountering different and sometimes uncertain environments may be a constant business story of the international economic activity for a minimum of three centuries ago. The global economic interaction is as old because it is old the society in its more or less organized form. From the economic revolution until today, there’s ongoing irreversible global economic integration. The reasons are simple, business and profits don’t recognize borders, national and cultural unsurpassed characteristics, where more or less a mutual advantage of certain cooperation is recognized, a business connection is immediately established.