Density of Population, Industrial Expansion, Migration


In this paper, I have made an attempt to study the density of population in various districts of Tamil Nadu and the problem arises in highly dense areas. It also analyse the spread of Industrial expansion among the various districts with the migration of population from rural to urban areas. In this study, I try to examine the relationship between the industrial growth and the density of population in the state. Among the highlypopulatedcities,Chennaiisthe topmost with the population of 26,000 persons per sq. km. compared with the second highest dense population which is accounted of 1,119 persons per sq.km in Kanyakumari District. With this information alone we can identify the uneven distribution of population in Tamil Nadu among the districts. Most of the problems faced by the society as well as government are caused due to the excess population growth rate which is beyond the capacity of the urban areas. Correlation analysis is used to study the relationship between the density of population and the industrial development. This paper also analyses the causes of migration of population from rural to urban areas and suggest some of the measures to resolve and overcome the problem of the high density of population.