Leather Industry, Heavy metals, Groundwater and Surface water


Tanning industry is a one of the traditional business industry in India. The leather and leather based industries can emphasize to be the world’s one of the largest industrial sector based upon a by-product. Leather and leather goods are vital role in the foreign exchange earnings. Tannery process unit is very important factor for enhancing the quality in leather production. On the other side, during this processes large quantum of toxic waste is disposed into the nature which invites vital threat to the environment at large. It leads to the contamination of water resources (both surface and ground water), soil resources and other flora and fauna. The rate of environmental degradation reflected by the decline of agricultural productivity and the quality of natural resources like water, soil, etc has decline at very high rate. The main focus of this paper is to emphasize the impact of leather industry on groundwater source in the study area. This study is descriptive in nature, simple statistical tools are used and the major finding will be addressed in this paper.