social responsibility, higher education, commercialization, teaching faculty


Sensitization of staff is one of the fundamental agenda behindhand of social responsibility when focused from any view. Recent years we could find emerging of many universities and colleges in and around globally. According to the UGC (University Grants Commission) Feb 2020 list, India has 935 universities includes 409 state universities, 349 private universities, 50 central universities and 127 deemed to be universities. In India, colleges and universities play a vital role in societies. Also from the Educational Statistics at A Glance (ESAG) survey published by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of School Education & Literacy Statistics Division, the study discovers that the number of private universities increases every year. Due to the decrease in the government financial support and lack of initiating the steps to make our higher education globalization, education has now been commercialized as required to house themselves in this capitalized market. This change has not only impacted the curricular edition but has also decreased the concept of social responsibility. This paper aims to bring out the challenges and discuss how universities can attain charity, sustainability and provide financial support at time of need. The study used both the primary and secondary data survey to find out the percentage of satisfactory level among the employers who are directly involved to the university.