reskilling, upskilling, workforce, technology, industry


The rapid modernization and influx of various new technologies and methodologies currently being employed today greatly and continuously changes the definition of professional competence expected of employees that work for companies that are directly or indirectly impacted because of these advancements or changes, this creates a demand for new jobs requiring new skill sets and so, one finds that in order to keep relevant to the workforce, refreshing and adding to one’s skill set has become a necessity. Candidates thinking about entering the job market need to possess the right kind of skills for the right kind of job and the currently employed need to pick up new skills to stay relevant in the industry when new technologies are introduced so that they can contribute towards further growth towards these advancements. It then becomes important to combat this problem while retaining current workforce. This is where reskilling and upskilling act as essential tools. The aim of this paper is to create awareness about the industrial trends observed in the market and opportunities for employers and (potential or current) employees in today’s industries to create a well-trained workforce and an enhanced environment that will benefit both organizations as well as individuals.