Labeled Causets in Discrete Quantum Gravity


S. Gudder

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Quantum sequential growth process (QSGP), Discrete quantum gravity


We point out that labeled causets have a much simpler structure than unlabeled causets. For example, labeled causets can be uniquely specified by a sequence of integers. Moreover, each labeled causet processes a unique predecessor and hence has a unique history. Our main result shows that an arbitrary quantum sequential growth process (QSGP) on the set of labeled causets “compresses” in a natural way onto a QSGP on the set of unlabeled causets. The price we have to pay is that this procedure causes an “explosion” of values due to multiplicities. We also observe that this procedure is not reversible. This indicates that although many QSGPs on the set of unlabeled causets can be constructed using this method, not all can, so it is not completely general. We close by showing that a natural metric can be defined on labeled and unlabeled causets and on their paths.

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