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Causal growth process (CGP), Hilbert spaces, Quantum sequential growth process


This article presents a simplified version of the author’s previous work. We first construct a causal growth process (CGP). We then form path Hilbert spaces using paths of varying lengths in the CGP. A sequence of positive operators on these Hilbert spaces that satisfy certain normalization and consistency conditions is called a quantum sequential growth process (QSGP). The operators of a QSGP are employed to define natural decoherence functionals and quantum measures. These quantum measures are extended to a single quantum measure defined on a suitable collection of subsets of a space of all paths. Continuing our general formalism, we define curvature operators and a discrete analogue of Einstein’s field equations on the Hilbert space of causal sets. We next present a method for constructing a QSGP using an amplitude process (AP). We then consider a specific AP that employs a discrete analogue of a quantum action. Finally, we consider the special case in which the QSGP is classical. It is pointed out that this formalism not only gives a discrete version of general relativity, there is also emerging a discrete analogue of quantum field theory. We therefore have discrete versions of these two theories within one unifying framework.

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