A Matter of Matter and Antimatter


S. Gudder

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Causal set approach, Discrete quantum gravity, Quantum sequential growth process


A discrete quantum gravity model given by a quantum sequential growth process (QSGP) is considered. The QSGP describes the growth of causal sets (causets) one element at a time in discrete steps. It is shown that the set P of causets can be partitioned into three subsets P = (ANT) ∪ (MIX) ∪ (MAT) where ANT is the set of pure antimatter causets, MAT the set of pure matter causets and MIX the set of mixed matter-antimatter causets. We observe that there is an asymmetry between ANT and MAT which may explain the matter-antimatter asymmetry of our physical universe. This classification of causets extends to the set of paths Ω in P to obtain Ω = ΩANT ∪ Ω MIX ∪ Ω MAT. We introduce a further classification Ω MIX = ΩMIX M ∪ Ω MIX A into matter-antimatter parts. Approximate classical probabilities and quantum propensities for these various classifications are considered. Some conjectures and unsolved problems are presented.

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