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Fall 2009

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This is the fifth in a series of monographs published through the Institute for the Development of Gifted Education at the University of Denver, and it has been graciously funded by the Lynde and Harry Bradley foundation. The first monograph contained different perspectives on the growth and development of young gifted children while the second addressed the characteristics and needs of the twice-exceptional - those who are gifted and also have some type of disabling condition. The third monograph focused on the personality and spiritual and character development of gifted children; the fourth explored giftedness in a variety of diverse, under-represented populations of learners.

It is a pleasure to welcome Dr. Bonnie Cramond as guest editor for this issue. which is focused on aspects of creativity and the gifted learner. Dr. Cramond is currently a Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology and Instructional Technology at the University of Georgia and has formerly been director at the Torrance Center for Creativity and Talent Development. During her career she has worked as a classroom teacher and university professor and researcher, and she has assumed many leadership roles through membership on national boards, editorship of journals, presentations at conferences, and contributions to books, articles and monographs. Her efforts and leadership have furthered professional understanding of creative learners.

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Institute for the Development of Gifted Education, Ricks Center for Gifted Children, University of Denver


Denver, CO

Perspectives in Gifted Education: Creativity


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