Comprehensive Sets of Xe124(n,γ)Xe125 and Xe124(n,2n)Xe123 Cross-section Data for Assessment of Inertial-confinement Deuterium-tritium Fusion Plasma

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College of Natual Science and Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy


Radiative-capture, Neutron, Deuterium-tritium, Fusion plasma


Measurements of the neutron radiative-capture cross section of 124Xe have been performed for the first time for neutron energies above 100 keV. In addition, data for the 124Xe(n,2n)123Xe reaction cross section have been obtained from threshold to 14.8 MeV to cover the entire energy range of interest, while previous data existed only at around 14 MeV. The results of these measurements provide the basis for an alternative and sensitive diagnostic tool for investigating properties of the inertial confinement fusion plasma in deuterium-tritium (DT) capsules at the National Ignition Facility located at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Here, areal density ρR (density × radius) of the fuel, burn asymmetry, and fuel-ablator mix are of special interest. The 124Xe(n,γ)125Xe reaction probes the down-scattered neutrons, while the 124Xe(n,2n)123Xe reaction provides a measure of the 14 MeV direct neutrons.

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