Quantifying Spectral Diffusion by the Direct Measurement of the Correlation Function for Excitons in Semiconductor Quantum Wells

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College of Natual Science and Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy


The phenomenon of spectral diffusion is common to a variety of inhomogeneously broadened systems. Spectral diffusion can be quantified through the frequency–frequency correlation function (FFCF), which is often approximated using observables from a variety of experimental techniques. We present a direct measurement of the temperature-dependent FFCF for excitons in semiconductor quantum wells using two-dimensional coherent spectroscopy. This technique enables the FFCF to be quantified without making any assumptions of the FFCF dynamics. Our results show that the Gauss–Markov approximation, which assumes exponential decay dynamics of the FFCF, is only valid for sample temperatures above 50 K. We compare our results with those obtained by the ellipticity and center-line slope measurements.

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