Free-layer-thickness-dependence of the Spin Galvanic Effect with Spin Rotation Symmetry

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Physics and Astronomy


Spintronics, Ferromagnetic materials, Spin valves, Spin-orbit interactions, Nanomagnets, Spin Hall effect, Thermoelectricity


Spin-orbit coupling near the surface of a ferromagnetic metal gives rises to spin-to-charge conversion with symmetry different from the conventional inverse spin Hall effect. We have previously observed this spin galvanic effect with spin rotation symmetry (SGE-SR) in a spin valve under a temperature gradient. Here, we show there are two processes that contribute to the SGE-SR, one of which is sensitive to the free magnetic layer thickness, while the other only depends on the interface of the free layer. Based on the free-layer-thickness-dependent study, we extrapolate the spin diffusion length of Py to be 3.9 ± 0.2 nm. We also propose that the SGE-SR can help to quantitatively study the spin Seebeck effect in metallic magnetic films.

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