Most Recent Additions*


Multi-century Stasis in C3and C4grass Distributions across the Contiguous United States since the Industrial Revolution
Daniel M. Griffith, Jennifer M. Cotton, Rebecca L. Powell, Nathan D. Sheldon, and Christopher J. Still


Leveraging Smallholder Livestock Production to Reduce Anemia: A Qualitative Study of Three Agroecological Zones in Ghana
Hanson Nyantakyi-Frimpong, Esi K. Colecraft, Raphael Baffour Awuah, Leonard Kofi Adjorlolo, Mark L. Wilson, and Andrew D. Jones


Comment on “The Extent of Forest in Dryland Biomes”
Daniel M. Griffith, Caroline E. R. Lehmann, Caroline A. E. Strömberg, Catherine L. Parr, R. Toby Pennington, Mahesh Sankaran, Jayashree Ratnam, Christopher J. Still, Rebecca L. Powell, Niall P. Hanan, Jesse B. Nippert, Colin P. Osborne, Stephen P. Good, T. Michael Anderson, Ricardo M. Holdo, Joseph W. Veldman, Giselda Durigan, Kyle W. Tomlinson, William A. Hoffmann, Sally Archibald, and William J. Bond


Designing and Evaluating a Groundwater Quality Internet GIS
Joseph H. Hoover, Paul Sutton, Sharolyn J. Anderson, and Arturo C. Keller


Thermal Imaging in Plant and Ecosystem Ecology: Applications and Challenges
Christopher Still, Rebecca L. Powell, Donald Aubrecht, Youngil Kim, Brent Helliker, Dar Roberts, Andrew D. Richardson, and Michael Goulden


Overcoming the Myths of Mainstream Economics to Enable a New Wellbeing Economy
Luca Coscieme, Paul Sutton, Lars F. Mortensen, Ida Kubiszewski, Robert Costanza, Katherine Trebeck, Federico M. Pulselli, Biagio F. Giannetti, and Lorenzo Fioramonti


GPU-based Lightweight Parallel Processing Toolset for LiDAR Data for Terrain Analysis
Jing Li, You Xu, Hailey Macrander, Laura Atkinson, Tabris Thomas, and Mario A. Lopez


Fine-scale Spruce Mortality Dynamics Driven by Bark Beetle Disturbance in Babia Góra National Park, Poland
Gregory J. Sproull, Michał Adamus, Janusz Szewczyk, Gordon Kersten, and Jerzy Szwagrzyk


Analyzing the Signaling Properties of Gar (Lepisosteus oculatus) Melanocortin Receptors: Evaluating Interactions with MRAP1 and MRAP5
Emily A. Wolverton, Marty Kwok-Shing Wong, Perry E. Davis, Brianne Hoglin, Ingo Braasch, and Robert Dores


Endemic Trees in a Tropical Biodiversity Hotspot Imperilled by an Invasive Tree
Peter J. Bellingham, Edmund V.J. Tanner, Patrick H. Martin, John R. Healey, and Olivia R. Burge


Selenium in Soils of Western Colorado
Joseph Statwick and Anna A. Sher


Chemical Synapses without Synaptic Vesicles: Purinergic Neurotransmission through a CALHM1 Channel-mitochondrial Signaling Complex
Roman A. Romanov, Robert S. Lasher, Brigit High, Logan E. Savidge, Adam Lawson, Olga A. Rogachevskaja, Haitian Zhao, Vadim V. Rogachevsky, Marina F. Bystrova, Gleb D. Churbanov, Igor Adameyko, Tibor Harkany, Ruibiao Yang, Grahame J. Kidd, Philippe Marambaud, John C. Kinnamon, Stanislav S. Kolesnikov, and Thomas E. Finger

*Updated as of 04/16/21.