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College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences, English and Literary Arts

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Laird Hunt


Creative writing, Fiction


When middle-aged bureaucrat James Hallvox meets the much younger JJ Tinkswell, they embark on a brief, dark, and complicated romance. They move to California, where James has been invited to work on a screenwriting project and JJ begins to come into his own as a young and desirable homosexual. Not only James is haunted and harassed by the filmmaker who hired him, an intrusive neighbor in their apartment complex, a strange therapist who works out of a local shopping mall, and the wife he abandoned to take up with the youngster; he also gets the sense that his relationship with JJ will not survive for long. At the nexus of all these conflicts is an inquiry into how to construct a performance (how to “make a scene”) in a world filled with broadcasting screens and reflective surfaces, and the difficulty of loving and being truly seen by those we think we love.

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Creative writing