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This manuscript is an effort to determine the world and how we are to each other. It is also an effort to come into meaning. How imagination is part of that. The escape here has to do with the inability to make things mean—it feels like if I try hard enough there can be a resolution via the imagination. But sometimes when we make things they overcome us. It’s difficult to know the appropriate boundary for imagination—at what point it moves from an attempt to decipher the world into a construction of the reality of the world. I can’t ever tell the difference but I continue to try. Some of what went into this manuscript has is the thinking about neuroscience (neurotheology). My interest in perceptions of reality and what can be obtained from a negotiation of those perceptions leads itself easily into research of the brain: What information is available to us though the technological investigation of brain and what can be determined from research regarding how consciousness is discussed physiologically. Much of the current research in the neuroscience community is occupied with the placement and location of consciousness and self. My own interest within these considerations is centered in the nature of self, place and imagination, and how the correspondence between these given fields of activity allow us to make decisions about what we understand as the world and ultimately how we determine it.

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