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College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences, English and Literary Arts

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Creative writing, Fiction


The Region of Perhaps: A Novel aims to challenge the parent-child hierarchy and satirize the institutionalized, academic voice in order to ask an underlying question about authority and agency in the act of storytelling. Through employing unreliability in thirdperson objective point of view—made manifest through support group narratives and bedtime stories—I juxtapose imagined folklore with scholarly prose in an effort to illustrate the contentious-yet-reciprocal relationship between history and allegory. This is played out most overtly through the family of a Room Scholar, a Wrist Scholar, and their daughter, a child who ultimately becomes an ice sculptor. By at once telling his daughter too much (about the capacity for the world to be ugly) and not enough (about her growing, evolving body), the Wrist Scholar’s success in professing is called into question. Anchored by the narratives of The Fathers of Lost Daughters—a self-help group composed of archaic male tropes (Butcher, Wainwright, Barber, Angler, Smith, Miller, and Archivist) who communally cope with their lost daughters during a deliberately ambiguous era—The Region of Perhaps satirizes the dissemination of empirical knowledge when the narration of present-tense events conflict with those events’ portrayal in shared stories. By confronting the narrative authority of disembodied storytelling through form, The Region of Perhaps provides the platform for asking the central question that drives my identity as a scholar-artist; that is, who gets to voice our stories and from where does that power derive?

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