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College of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences, English and Literary Arts

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Selah Saterstrom


Creative writing, Poetry


A book of prose, poetry, and visual elements which embraces a tension between Midwestern realism and bucolic lyricism, absence and presence, letter and hand; moreover, the sounds and silences between the hearing and the deaf as seen through an appropriated “I.” My goal is for the reader to notice how absence occupies the page, to in turn cause the reader to wonder how silence functions in-between sections, how it activates in everyday life, how it purposed the narrative past depicted in the book. I enhance this later hope through the utilization of paratactic style to empower the transitions between a sequence of hazy images that evoke not only the lake-effected experience of the Michigan from which I came, but also the elusive task of conjuring memory itself. My hope is that the content asserts a pastoral brand of banality while the hands of the manual alphabet embody a sense of the senses (sight, hearing) and the lack thereof (silences, deafness) while interpreting through a blurring of experiences where one sense doesn’t serve; where one alphabet doesn’t suffice.

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