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Creative writing, Fiction


In BURN FORTUNE, protagonist June is a flag-twirling, corn-detasseling sixteen-year-old who lives in a conservative small town in the early 90s Midwest. Her family is dysfunctional but her boyfriend—known only as “My Boyfriend”—has a family who is emotionally and physically abusive. Looking for alternatives to the lives of the women who surround her, June becomes obsessed with the actress Jean Seberg (best known for her starring role in Godard’s Breathless) as well as Joan of Arc. After being raped by an acquaintance, June withdraws and begins to live mostly through Seberg’s films, re-evaluating her life’s path while building an altar to Jean and Joan in an underground storm drain. Offered their lives as alternatives to her own, June is left to wonder: Can anyone truly transcend their circumstances, or does having a dream mean death?

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