This paper focuses on a compositional and interpretative tribute, consisting of a work for solo guitar composed by Pedro Baptista in 2021 and titled Jorge Peixinho ‒ In Memoriam. The piece is intended to crystallize, focus and amplify recurrent and characteristic elements of Jorge Peixinhoʼs (1940-1995) guitar writing, During the second half of the 20th century, shaping the avant-garde musical movement in Portugal, this composer developed and used a range of techniques, effects, gestures and structures, which Baptista now explores in a systematic way. These elements were identified through analysis and hands-on exploration with the guitar of Peixinhoʼs manuscripts, as well as interviews with persons who worked with the composer. In Jorge Peixinho ‒ In Memoriam there was a search for possibilities of development, fusion, fertilization, proliferation, interweaving and incorporation of these particularities in a 21st century composition. The piece is intended to contribute for the development of a 21st century contemporary guitar, rooted on the recent history that precedes it, alongside with the dissemination of the barely known guitar role in Jorge Peixinhoʼs works, as well as pay a deserved and heartfelt tribute to the composer.


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