Implementing an Integrated Management System (IMS) at an Aerospace Manufacturing Facility

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Capstone Project


Environmental Policy & Mgmt

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Master of Applied Science


Environmental Policy & Mgmt


Anton Camarota


Environmental health and safety, Integrated management system, Management system, Workplace safety


This project analyzes the challenges, issues, benefits, and lessons learned that several companies experienced while implementing integrated management systems. Based on previous experiences, this paper defines several strategies that an organization should use to increase the probability of implementing an integrated management system (IMS) successfully. Strategies include completing a feasibility analysis, creating a policy, allocating resources, developing objectives, modifying documentation, and creating a continuous monitoring process. Moreover, an organization can reduce potential obstacles by promoting a culture that encourages management commitment and employee participation. Results indicate the implementation of an IMS provides the framework to manage environmental, health, and safety programs effectively. By implementing an IMS, an organization can save time and money, as well as proactively control risk.

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