Environmental Health Risk Management: Environmental Criminal Negligence Risk Reduction

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Capstone Project


Environmental Policy And Management

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Master of Environmental Policy And Management


Environmental Policy And Management


James Stewart


Environmental Crime; Environmental Criminal Liability; Environmental Health -- Criminal Liability; Environmental Health Crime; Environmental Health Liability; Environmental Health Risk Management; Environmental law -- Criminal provisions; Environmental protection -- Planning; Environmental Risk; Environmental risk assessment; Environmental


Businesses that are responsible for adhering to environmental laws face many challenges in achieving regulatory compliance. Noncompliance can result in penalties against the entity, the most severe being environmental criminal actions. Because of the risks possible criminal actions due to noncompliance, risk management methods can be utilized to appropriately manage this risk. Granted that businesses are aware of risk management principles, it is still an underdeveloped discipline. There is presently no comprehensive published source for risk management on the risks of criminal enforcement of violations of environmental law. This project outlines the criminal aspects of noncompliance and common best practices and strategic methods that minimize the risk of a business facing a claim of criminal negligence.

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