The Rueter-Hess Dam and Reservoir Project: A Question of Sustainable Water

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Master of Environmental Policy And Management

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University College, Environmental Policy and Management


Environmental Policy And Management

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James Stewart


Basin, Dams, Environmental aspects, Colorado, Denver, Water-supply, Environmental impact analysis, Environmental impact statements, Groundwater, Municipal water supply, Parker, Reservoir, Rueter-Hess, Sustainability, Water, Law and leg


Water in sufficient quantities throughout the Colorado Front Range is becoming increasingly limited. This paper examines the consequences for continued unsustainable use of water for communities of the Denver metropolitan area. This paper also looks at the effect that water law in the West has for otherwise optimum distributions of water. In addition, four regional and state water studies are reviewed for their contribution to sustainable water. Finally, the Final Environmental Impact Statement of the Rueter-Hess dam and reservoir project in Parker, Colorado is explored. Key findings conclude that the Rueter-Hess project may not, by itself, provide sustainable water for Parker; but the project will create incentive and opportunity for communities throughout the region to address the question of sustainable water.

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