Environmental Education in the State Parks: Development of Environmental Education Presentations at Vermont State Parks Division

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Master of Env Policy Mgmt

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University College, Environmental Policy and Management


Environmental Policy & Mgmt

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William Robinson


Education, Environment, Environmental education, Activity programs, Interpretation, Methods, Parks, Vermont, Presentation, State parks


Environmental learning occurs through both formal and informal methods of teaching. Informal environmental learning is an important part of the mission of all national and state park systems throughout the United States (U.S.). This project consists of the creation of an environmental educational presentation that the Vermont State Parks Division (Parks Division) can use to aid in education. This project consists of the following three areas of focus: discussion of the role state park systems take towards achieving successful informal environmental education; the recommended methods to achieve this type of environmental education; and the creation of an environmental educational presentation to be utilized within the Vermont Parks Division. After a literature review based on methods of environmental education, interviews with various state park staff were conducted, and environmental programs were observed the topic for the environmental educational presentation was chosen to be the Vermont landscape. The theme of the environmental presentation is, The Vermont Landscape - Forever Changing. The presentation focuses on the ongoing changes of Vermont's landscape. The presentation is meant to be recognized as a starting point for new interpreter staff to create an environmental education presentation that meets the philosophy of the Parks Division.

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