The Decline of Wild Pacific Salmon

Date of Award


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Capstone Project


Environmental Policy & Mgmt

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Master of Env Policy Mgmt


Environmental Policy And Management


Steven Bissell


Pacific salmon; Pacific salmon -- Habitat -- Washington (State) -- Puget Sound Region; Pacific salmon fisheries -- Law and legislation -- United States; wild Pacific salmon


As threatened and endangered species, wild Pacific salmon are in peril. This paper discusses the differences of the five species of wild Pacific salmon. As salmon go through several stages of their lifecycles, they face a myriad of threats to their existence. Threats from humans in the form of hydropower dams, habitat destruction, harvesting issues, and hatcheries are explained. A draft recovery plan for salmon in the Puget Sound area of Washington State is used as a case study. Strengths and weaknesses of this plan are discussed. The paper then discusses the need for growth management laws supporting salmon habitat and a change in individual behaviors if wild Pacific salmon sustainability is to become a reality.

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