A Cooperative Interagency Management Framework to Address Cross-Jurisdictional and Interdisciplinary Concerns at Alaska's Kenai-Russian River Complex

Date of Award


Document Type

Capstone Project


Environmental Policy & Mgmt

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Master of Applied Science


Environmental Policy & Mgmt


Leonard Pasquini


Alaska; Cooperative management; Cross-jurisdictional management; human-bear conflicts; Interagency management; Interdisciplinary concerns; Kenai River; Russian River; Russian River Interagency Coordination Group


Alaska's Kenai-Russian River Complex (KRRC) is managed as a highly utilized recreational area that boasts a rich cultural heritage and the State's most popular sockeye salmon sport fisheries. Unfortunately, alarming issues, such as human-bear conflicts, pose challenges for the diverse federal, state, and tribal entities that are responsible for cross-jurisdictional and interdisciplinary management of the area. Seventeen qualitative interviews were conducted with interagency staff and results indicate that the KRRC would be best served by a cooperative management approach that can transcend current staff and leadership to ensure sustainable implementation of strategic operational and long range objectives. This study recommends a clearly defined organizational structure and action plan that can be adopted and executed by the various agencies in 2009.

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