Coastal Erosion: Causes, Erosion Control Methods, Economic and Environmental Impacts, and Best Management Practices

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Capstone Project


Environmental Policy & Mgmt

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Master of Env Policy Mgmt


Environmental Policy & Mgmt


Daniel Pope


Beach erosion, Economic aspects, Florida, Beach, Nourishment, Coast, Coastal erosion, Management, Economic impacts, Erosion control methods, Longshore


Coastal erosion is an important and constant issue facing coastal areas all over the world today. The rate of coastal development over the years has increased, in turn requiring that action be taken to protect structures from the threat of erosion. A review of the causes of coastal erosion and the methods implemented to control it was conducted in order to determine the best course of action in response to coastal erosion issues. The potential positive and negative economic and environmental impacts are key concerns in determining whether or not to restore an eroding beach and which erosion control method(s) to implement. Results focus on providing a comparison of these concerns as well as recommendations for addressing coastal erosion issues.

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