The Need for Professional Translation and Interpretation in School Districts

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Master of Liberal Studies

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University College, Global Community Engagement


Global Affairs

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Riccardo Schiaffino


Translation, Interpretation, School districts, Schools, Translators, Interpreters, Need for translation, Machine translation, Need for interpretation


The language barrier prevents Latino students from experiencing academic success, and prevents Latino parents from participating in their children's education. Through a review of journal articles, research projects, doctoral dissertations, legislation, and books, this project studies the benefits and dangers of various methods of translating and interpreting in the education system, including issues created by language barriers in schools, common methods of translating and interpreting, and legislation addressing language barriers and education. The project reveals that schools use various methods to translate and interpret, including relying on children, school staff and machine translation, although such methods are often problematic and inaccurate. The project also reveals that professional translation and interpretation are superior to the various non-professional methods.

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