Bosnia and Herzegovina: Building a Film/TV Production Industry to Boost Its Economy and Unite Its Divided Cultures

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Undergraduate Capstone Project

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Master of Liberal Studies

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University College, Global Community Engagement


Global Affairs

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Tripp Baltz


Film, TV, Production incentives, Economic development, Film tourism


This paper discusses how Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) can boost its stalled economy by generating jobs and increasing film-tourism, while simultaneously helping unite its culturally divided nation, by building a film/TV production industry looking to Northern Ireland's successful model following its similarly violent history. Evidence is presented substantiating that BiH has the infrastructure and workforce from which to grow a film/TV production industry, but it must be built through large-scale foreign productions like Northern Ireland did with Game of Thrones. Examining studies conducted by industry experts, strategies are offered for building a competitive and sustainable film/TV production industry in BiH. Results reveal more research is needed evidencing film/TV production can unify people from different ethno-religious/political groups in post-conflict societies.

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